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The baby will discover different activities in every corner of the training table. Rotate the barrel to hear songs about the animals and press buttons to learn shapes in Greek and English. Every time the baby opens or closes the barn door, he also greets a different animal. Press the keys to play piano and learn numbers, food & colors. Open & close the door to hear the dog singing the alphabet and turn the switch to find out the opposite. The baby pushes the button and the doggie phone is lit, while a new place to be visited is illuminated! Many activities with buttons and switches employ the baby. You can also add legs to the game to play the baby sitting or standing as it grows. Every baby learns & plays in different ways. Thanks to Smart Stages ™, you can choose the stage you want according to your child's needs! Change the level to change the educational content with different phrases, songs & sounds! • Smart Stages technology Level 1 - Exploration.  Early lashes and sounds that catch the baby's attention are heard. Level 2 - Encouragement. The baby listens to simple questions or instructions. Level 3 - Imitation. A game that entertains the baby and encourages the mimic game.


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