349,99 €
Manufacturer: GARLANDO
Store Code: 267688
Ages: 12+ ετών
Βarcode: 267688
MPN: 03-432-052

Bring home the fun and variety of a whole game room with the Multi 12, the versatile multifunctional table that turns into 12 different games, the most favorite of the classics: Soccer, table tennis, billiards, hockey, bowling, shuffle backgammon, black jack, chess, draughts, dice, cards.
    15mm thick MDF cabin with melamine lining. Color: cherry.
    Sturdy square foot (7.5 x 7.5 cm) MDF with black melamine lining for maximum stability during play, and floor horizons for perfectly flat play surface on uneven floors.
    12 games in 1
    Length: 108 cm
    Width: 61 cm
    Height as a football table: 81 - 82.5 cm
    Height in the other versions: 66 - 67.5 cm
    Weight: 35 kg
    Certification: EN 71-1,2,3,9

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