AMILA 42871 Floor FOOTBALL ST-2006 LPG (#42871)

224,50 €
Manufacturer: AMILA
Store Code: 243417
Ages: 6+ ετών
Βarcode: 243417
MPN: 42871
Availability: Available after 3 days

MDF Garden 5mm
     Side apron PB 16 mm, width 23.5 cm, front MDF 12 mm
     MDF 12mm legs
     MDF 9mm leg frames
     Foot controllers 4 cm in diameter chrome plated
     12.7mm diameter steel chrome bar castors
     Goal bands with choice between one and three players
     Slip bearings
     Hand held plastic counters
     Balls 3 pcs. small size
     Ball inlets on each side apron
     Ball returners inside each front apron
     Weight net / gross 25.5 / 30.7 kg
     Dimensions of the stadium 102Χ58 cm.
     Table dimensions 119Χ61,2Χ79 cm

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