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Manufacturer: GARLANDO
Store Code: 449785
Ages: 12+ ετών
Βarcode: 8029975224121
MPN: 03-432-111

A wooden soccer ball for the whole family
the F-5 football is manufactured using high quality methodologies and materials resulting in a durable and stable product.
The frame is made of 16mm thick MDF with gray melamine lining. The table rests on sturdy 9x9 square cross-section legs made of melamine-coated MDF reinforced by chrome-plated connecting rods (diameter 38mm).
The grass effect gives the impression that the game is played on real ground. Scoring is made easier thanks to the fully rotating goalkeeper. To quickly and easily retrieve the ball, and immediately resume play, there are two retrieval pockets, one behind each goal. Includes 2 black and white balls.
The wooden soccer ball for children F-5 complies with the harmonized European safety rules
EN 71-1, 71-2, 71-3 and 71-9
Color: gray oak
Length: 135 cm
Width: 125 cm
Height: 86 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Dimensions of playing surface: 116 x 62.5cm
Cabinet with 16 mm thick MDF casing and melamine coating
Square durable MDF legs (9 x 9 cm) with melamine coating
Leg color: black
Playing surface that simulates a football field
Slanted corners for better ball return
13 mm thick chromed steel bars
Plastic protectors on the ends of the rod for increased safety
Fully rotating goalkeeper
Recovery case for balls behind the goals
Includes 2 black and white balls
Certification: EN 71-1,2,3,9

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