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An educational painting set that guides the child step by step to learn to paint with the watercolor technique, depicting beautiful and impressive flowers. Mixes and different color intensities will introduce the child to this technique through the traditional way, but also with Use the 8 watercolor paints as they are and mix them in any way you want. in the other freehand patterned postcards, creating true works of art to decorate your room, familiarize yourself with the watercolor technique, have fun painting and creatively enjoy your free time away from screens. Contains: 8 watercolors, palette, 2 brushes, dispenser, 2 pre-printed works of art, 2 pre-printed works of art with wax outline technique, detailed illustrated guide for learning the technique of watercolor painting. AS Art is an educational painting series for children 2-10 years old with rich content, ideal to teach the child to draw using a variety of techniques such as crayons, watercolors, wood paints, watercolor paints, markers. Each painting set is a studied kit for learning a specific technique, guiding the child in creating his own works of art by compiling his personal art portfolio. Through the involvement with the painting sets of AS Art the child expresses his feelings and thoughts, develops his imagination and learns to frame his oral speech, experiencing moments of creativity and experimentation. The range uses natural materials that are environmentally friendly.

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