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Manufacturer: SILVERLIT
Store Code: 402954
Ages: 5+ ετών
Βarcode: 4891813880509
MPN: 7530-88050

A Programmable Robot lifting up και down with 4 games included!
Ask Robo UP to do Squat and Up using the SmartControl!
Use the Flex-Tray? to pull and transporting paper box with ROBO UP.
2 ways to use the Flex-Tray?
1) Tray mode: Put objects on it (see it using the tray with objects and auto balancing walk forward)
2) Hook mode: Hang and pull with the included little boxes (show it pull the objects to carry around)
2 paper boxes included.
Features και Specifications:
- Programmable up to 50 Steps
- Direct Control
- Powerlifting Game
- 2 Ways to carry with the Flex-Tray?
- Pull και Transport Game
- Squat και Up with SmartControl?
- Auto-Following
- Auto Balancing
- Tri-Color LED Eyes
- Lively Sound SFX
No matter what you are looking for, we are sure you?ll be able to find the right product in Silverlit robots universe. A full range of robot toys with a common goal: technology for all ages and interest. Fun, innovative, yet interactive.

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